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veWay back in 2018, my not so inner nerd started to learn how to create online courses. Apart from ignoring the advice “never start with the biggest one”, I now have a suite of courses for researchers at various stages.

Anytime online courses should be easy for everyone. I use Teachable to make sure you have a great experience. The courses are a combo of videos and exercises for you to self pace through.

Our handy CV guide can also be found there!


A woman holds an e-reader with What every postdoc needs to know on it

Leveraging LinkedIn for Researchers

I very rarely go 5 minutes without telling researchers how important their network is for career progression. And LInkedIn is such a great tool to use! Time to drop any business related snobbery and embrace it!

A series of articles with pictures and abstracts

The Successful Researcher Roadmap

I love adapting business tools for use in research (everyone needs a hobby). The Research Canvas covers everything you need to create a comprehensive, organised roadmap for a research project or proposal.

How to write a fellowship

How to write a fellowship

A fellowship is the teenage years of an academic career – time to leave home and embrace independence! But having worked on many an application there are some common things you *must* do and some you certainly shouldn’t!

Hollywood Hills postdoc

I'm a postdoc ... get me out of here

A postdoc is not for life. It might not even be until Christmas! Getting ready to move on and take that next step successfully, happily and confidently is what this course is about. all destinations welcome – academic and otherwise!

Written by my alter-ego The Nerd Coach

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Happy to guide you around the online collection. I am just a little bit proud of these EJW Solutions babies. Let’s chat

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