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How many postdocs shall I do?

Along with "when shall I start a family?" this is the top question I get asked when working in universities. Beware anyone who gives you a magic answer to this! We are in the same territory as "how long is a piece of string?". But don't despair The Nerd Coach has some...

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Do you dress for success?

Jeans. T-shirt. 80s style power suit with shoulder pads. Super hero cloak. Clothes - we all need them. Unless you work in naturist setting. But working with technical and scientific people it can often be a bit of a mine field for my clients. Don't get me wrong I love...

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5 Top Tips for LinkedIn

I HATE SOCIAL MEDIA! I hear this cry often in my one to ones with technical folk. But a digital presence is required to move our careers forward. LinkedIn is currently a great way of doing that. it appears in search engine results, it's designed to be a professional,...

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Be shameless

Be shameless. Be like Cersei Lannister in Games of Thrones. Both pieces of advice from a new lecturer. He was speaking on my course for researchers thinking about applying for fellowships. Be like an evil queen who is determined to get her way! Shocking advice from...

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Be a better programmer? Learn a new language? Do it now!

I'll do that course next time it comes around. I'm too busy to do it now. I don't have time. Sad but common themes for someone passionate about learning and development to hear. Even worse are the people who book onto development events and then don't turn up because...

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Top 5 CV Essentials

STOP! Did you remember to tailor your CV? I was working with a client recently who had applied to several jobs with the same CV. "I heard nothing back. I wonder why I bothered." Well the recruiter was probably wondering exactly that as a generic CV landed on their...

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