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Want to stay in academia?

I have a range of online courses deisgned for you! Check out our CV guide too!

I can help you explore your options through coaching.

Thinking of leaving academia?

I can help! As well as writing a book on the subject (with lots of helpful bonuses) we have a free five day challenge for you!

I can help you explore your options through coaching.

Stuck with an application?

I offer 1-2-1 application clinics covering CVs, dreaded forms and covering letters.

Interview coming up?

I pride myself with some tough practice interviews followed by plenty of friendly feedback. 

Frequently Asked

Who is the nerd?

Me! Lego, sci fi (bring back Firefly) and jigsaws. But I also have a technical mindset (once a physicist …)

Can I negotiate an academic salary?

Certainly! When offered a job following interview is the time to do it. Much harder to do once in post.

The post probably is advertised with a band of salaries. They are unlikely to go beyond this. Explain what you bring above the ‘basic’ bottom rung – skills, experience level etc.

Do I have to meet all the criteria for a job?

Job descriptions are written for angelic beings who don’t exist! Women, in general, worry more about this than men. My rule of thumb is if you have 60% you should definely investigate more. You are doing a pre-application phone call, aren’t you?

Do I wait to be asked about promotion?

No! If you are waiting for others to ‘notice’ your hard work, you might be there sometime.

Look at the criteria, get advice and talk to people. If people know you want it, they can help!

Is it ok to leave? Before my contract end?

Always. You are in the driving seat of your career. No-one else is going to prioritise it.

So whether it’s leaving a postdoc contract for a bigger, better academic role or moving into another sector, the best time to move is when that amazing opportunity presents itself!

You are amazing. Super literate. Super numerate. Problem solving, project managing researcher. You deserve a great career. How can I help?

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Wondering if we could work together? Curious if I can help you navigate your career? Or looking for a nerdy chat over a coffee?

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