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Working with researchers, I know you are the most amazingly talented people. You have skills up to your ears (and beyond) but sometimes we aren’t great at selling ourselves. Modesty is lovely but it doesn’t help get the next position or apply for a fellowship. In my application and CV clinics, I will dig deep for the hidden treasure that sometimes you have forgotten about or hidden under a bucket. I like to think I can offer a mock interview more scary than the real thing but with me being super nice with the feedback afterwards!

And oftentimes we just don’t know which way to go in our careers. I’ll hold the space for you to explore your options whilst we both have a cuppa (mine is always coffee). You can opt for one session or a series, although unlike Netflix binge coaching isn’t a thing!

There are some simple rules: there are no silly questions, no career destinations out of bounds and that you will come prepared to think! I’ll bring my professional coaching skills (ILM Level 7) which are much better than my archery coaching ones (aim for the gold, be one with the bow).

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Not sure we will be a good match?

Coaching is personal and the chemistry is important (but Physics remains the Queen of disciplines). Drop me a message and we can have a brief chat.

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