Dr Emma Williams

For the record, what follows is not what I recommend for a standard CV layout

Jigsaws. Determined to be a scientist (and ballerina and vet).

The early years

BA Natural Sciences (Physics) : not the next Stephen Hawking, lots of Terry Pratchett, rowed (once)

PhD Neuro MRI : practical, interdisiplinary, learnt to code, ran college MCR bar

The Cambridge degree years

3 Tesla MRI, neuro intensive care patients, training roles, fellowship application, outreach grant, fMRI, adopted ex-military Landrover, got to wear ‘jamas to work

The postdoc years

Ad-hoc trainer to joint lead, teaching & transferrable skills agenda, coaching, managing, leading, cost centers 1,2 & 3 (sons), fell in love with facilitation

The Cambridge Academic Practice years

EJW Solutions Limited, coaching qualifications, Belbin, MBTI, Springboard, clients across UK and the world, gained mentors, wrote “What every postdoc needs to know”, developed a suite of online courses, created flagship UNIque women’s development course, fell in love with writing and speaking, fueled by coffee

The business owner years

Do you need to know more?

I’m happy to chat more about whether we can work together. Or is might be that you want my mother’s maiden name or the name of my first pet. If it is the former get in touch!

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