OK, not a spaceship. But a ship. Or a boat at least. But the Nerd Coach has returned from the family holiday with her powerboat licence. Oh boy (or buoy?) was it fun.

My boat was a mix of the Enterprise (at least I said Warp Factor 6 in my head whilst speeding up) and the Millennium Falcon (i.e. we broke down but with splendid sea and mountain views). I was also deemed ‘not afraid of speed’ by my instructor.

Other than pride why am I telling you this? Because I almost didn’t do it …

Is something stopping you?

What stops you learning? Have you been thinking of doing that programming course? Looking to add a language (computing or foreign) to your repertoire? This blog’s advice: go for it!

‘You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.’ –Richard Branson

Why did I almost not do my licence? Three reasons leap to mind:

  • Nay-sayers. No-one say “don’t” but my eldest sons have their licences and suggested we could use those. A couple of female friends said ‘Oooh that’s brave”. Both of these made me question my decision. But none of them were me.
  • Timing. Did I want to take two days out of my holiday for learning? Was it worth it as we’d only have a couple of days to hire a big boat afterwards? There is never a perfect time to learn.
  • Mindset. Could I do it? Would I get seasick? What if I hit one of the many super yachts? Could I ever park? One thing for sure: if I didn’t do the course I would never be able to drive a boat.

I did it. I loved it. We hired a bigger boat two days later. And with the bigger boat comes a bigger map. By expanding my skills, I had very literally expanded my horizons.

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