What every postdoc needs to know

My first book (apart from my thesis)

I blame Liz but she blames a Frenchman …

My co-author got approached by Imperial College Press to write a guide for postdocs. Laurent, a charming Frenchman, persuaded her and then she persuaded myself and Carol, who is normally the senisible one, to join her in the writing endeavours.

A tale of coffee, Skype calls, indexing (never volunteer to do this) and guilting the other authors resulted in a healthy 250 page bundle of wisdom, humour and cartoons some two years later. 

Dr Liz Elvidge (shortest author) runs the awesome Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre at Imperial College, London. Dr Carol Spencely (tallest author) is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Surrey. Together we have worked with 100s (if not 1000s – we should have started counting at the beginning) of postdocs. The book represents our combined wisdom.

Published by World Scientific the books comes in digital, paperback, hardback and edible editions (might have made that last one up). It has sold more copies than my thesis.

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