Career chasm? Let's create career clarity

Coaching session

Trying to navigate a tricky work issue? Unsure about where your career is going?

I am a qualified coach who has been in and around STEM people for over 25 years. I've been there, worn the lab coat.

Book in for a coaching session and we will unpack the issue, explore options and focus on the next steps.

Application clinic

Found the dream job? Need some advice on your application?

I've lost count of the number of CVs, application forms and covering leters I've reviewed. I've helped people sell themselves brilliantly on paper.

Book in for a clinic session and we will review your application. Together we can really make it shine!

Quick cuppa

Unsure if we would make a great team? Worried that coaching might be a bit 'fluffy'?

Well scientists are trained sceptics!

Book in for a quick virtual chat. Grab a cuppa (I'll be having coffee!) and let's talk.

CVs reviewed

Years in researcher development

Average coffees a day

I help scientific and technical people, who struggle with their careers to shed some light on  the routes forward by goal focused coaching.

My Philosophy

Sounds grand! But my philosophy is simple – the world is full of amazingly talented scientists and technical people who can certainly make the world a better place for all, themselves included. 

These bright, sparky people often need help seeing the wood for the trees when it comes to career planning. Often they have forgotten the talents they possess as they focus on solving ‘the next big thing’.

My Methods

OK, firstly I don’t have a couch! I offer the chance to have a structured conversation focusing on the issue you bring. In short, I am your coach.

I offer virtual coaching sessions of 1 hour using Zoom. The focus can be a work issue or how best to move on with your career. Often these are linked! We will unpack the problem, explore solutions and take away actions.

One session may be enough if the focus is a job application. Alternatively a series of sessions may be more appropriate.

My Goals

I want my clients to realise their talents and strengths. As a technical person you have so many! And then set their goals aligned to their own values and interests.

Those goals might include developing a scientific career or taking that technical training into other fields. 

Do you want to move on proactively and postively from planet postdoc?

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