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how to write a fellowship

How to write a fellowship

The next ‘logical step’ on from postdoc but how do you know if you are ready? What does it take? What are the 3Ps?

A friendly guide to help you optimise the writing process with videos, resourses and exercises.

I'm a postdoc get me out of here

I'm a postdoc get me out of here

Are you a postdoc looking to move on? No Hollywood starlets here just straight forward, friendly advice.

From choosing what route is right for you next to getting application ready. Friendly videos, resources and exercises to help you move on sucessfully. 

successful researcher roadmap

The Successful Researcher Roadmap

Create a map of your project using a brilliant canvas adapted especially for researchers from the world of entrepreneurship. Supported by an hour and half of friendly videos broken into bite size chunks, we will look at all the building blocks to success. Each video is accompanied by an exercise to help you apply it to your research situation.

Some serious career bits

Needing help with your CV or some guidance on applications?

I find not only a great place to drool over vice chancellor pay but they have a great page on careers advice

I have an irrational fondness for The Guardian jobsite. This link will take you to the science jobs – you’re welcome.

Wondering the best way to pay the rent with a science degree? Check out this site with the top 9 earning science jobs (it is in dollars but science works everywhere).


Some links about you

Coaching will hopefully lead to greater self awareness. Online tools can be great at helping give you food for thought. But probably not the ones that tell you which Star Wars character you are (I am a droid / ewok cross)

Ok this might seem left field but we science types need to know how we come across. How to fascinate is a free tool that is surprisingly helpful.

Finding out what you value is very important in setting career direction. It needs time for thought, reflection and then possibly chatting it through. A nice way to start can be found here

What are your strengths? There are lots of ways of doing this online – most cost money. I have found Belbin Team Roles and Insights the most helpful.


Some links about me

A shameless plug for my company, EJW Solutions Limited, page. But seriously you might find the blog articles helpful. There are a variety from useful time saving software tools to what I think about Chatham House rule.


Stuff to avoid if you are having a work crisis

These are some of my favourite sites for distraction (this section took the longest to write)

xkcd geeky wonderfulness

The Oatmeal – this is a lovely one about moles on mars.

Ars Technica  – it has a little bit of everything this nerd needs

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