Digital Learning

Why go digital?

Any time learning

With our digital courses you can self-pace your learning. Early bird or night owl – it is up to you! 

Even with blended learning (a little bit of live Nerd Coach action mixed in) we record it so if you can’t be there you won’t miss out.

Anywhere learning

We make our courses downloadable so you can watch whilst sitting on the train, bus or intergalactic transport.

We trust our fellow nerds not to share our hard work.


Portfolio of learning

The courses above are the start of a new direction for the Nerd Coach – watch this space for digital learning opportunities.

Or let us know what you would like!


We've learnt from the best

Digital learning is very different to face to face. Just like our learners we have had to upskill.

So the coach went to a coach to learn! Check out Ginette Tessier‘s wealth of knowledge!


Successful Researcher Roadmap

Create a map of your project using a brilliant canvas adapted especially for researchers from the world of entrepreneurship. Supported by an hour and half of friendly videos brought to you by the Nerd Coach broken into bite size chunks, we will look at all the building blocks to success. Each video is accompanied by an exercise to help you apply it to your research situation.

Available to individuals or organisations. 


Welcome to UNIque – the online programme for university women. Early career researchers just like you.

Through online materials and weekly webinars we will explore all from the comfort of your desk, sofa or lab bench!

The format is simple. A webinar once a week – a chance to say hello, ask questions and watch on record if you miss it. Then some self guided video lessons and activities to explore the weekly focus.

UNIque runs with groups from your organisation so you can build your network and share experiences.

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