Time for Plan Z!

Career Plan, anyone? When I was a postdoc (as dinosaurs roamed the Earth and 3 Tesla body scanners were rare) the standing joke was that a career plan was simple. Do what you do now or Plan Z – leave and have a baby. Well baby nerdling is now a university student (and thankfully likes sci fi!) and I am on ‘career’ number 3! My career plan has adapted over time. It is now much more value based than ever. It is a career plan built on the foundations of what has gone before – good and bad – and focused on what is important in my future.

I am often asked ‘What shall I do next?’. I came across the concept of A, B and Z (probably best said zee) on the most excellent 80,000 hours site. This site wants us to make the very best of our working lives (that’s where the hours come in). The ABZ concept is great and so I have created the infographic below.

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