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Emma Williams was just what I needed! Her expertise of what postgraduate education truly involves helped massively in deciding whether to pursue a Masters degree or not. As a woman in STEM, I benefited massively from being able to talk to someone who understands exactly what careers in STEM are all about; a service I’d never had access to before. Highly recommended!


I recently made the transition from an academic postdoc position to industry. Stepping into unchartered territories, Emma was instrumental in helping me prepare for a successful interview at GSK. Providing me with an invaluable mock-interview session, she prompted me to organise my experience and academic achievements into clear, measurable, industry-friendly responses. She was flexible and able to fit around my busy work schedule, we first spoke over Skype and then met in person. I would highly recommend Emma for anyone in a similar position!

Senior scientist

Emma is an excellent coach. She is an excellent and sympathetic listener, giving me time and space to articulate my thoughts. She also demonstrated sound judgement in using what I said to help coach me on next steps and make further reflections. I would recommend her without hesitation.

Scientific civil servant

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